Machine Learning for Auditors: What you need to know


Machine learning is a hot topic in today’s discourse with a myriad of economic and social implications. As it gains wider adoption, what does it mean for assurance professionals? With the proliferation of buzzwords and the black box nature of machine learning, Andrew will help you cut through the noise and understand what fundamental changes are occurring and what is still more hype than reality.

The session will include an overview and high-level implementation guidelines of the two main groups of machine learning algorithms, unsupervised, and supervised, and some example use cases in the auditing and compliance spheres for each. A breakdown of the various buzzwords, AI, cognitive computing, predictive modeling, will be provided, differentiating between fact, future and fiction. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the need for assurance individuals to begin peaking inside the black box and become aware of the potential regulatory consequences of widespread machine learning.

By providing an overview of the machine learning landscape, the need for ‘black-box auditing’, use cases to take back to your businesses and recommendation on where to learn more about machine learning, this session will provide an overview of what you need to know to adapt and thrive in the machine age.

Link to slides